Registration in Driving School, document preparation
All course materials in English
70 EUR
11 theory lessons, 1 theory test at school 40 EUR
10 behind-the-wheel lessons (90 min. each) 300-450 EUR
1 behind-the-wheel lesson 30-45 EUR
Practical driving test (until 60 min.) 32 EUR
Additional Payments (if necessary)  
Theory test 15 EUR
Missed lesson with different group (LV/RU) 10 EUR
Medical certification 27 EUR
First Aid courses (in English) 55 EUR
Agreement prolongation 30 EUR
Training field 2 EUR


Contact us

Address: Riga, Merķeļa iela 21, 4th floor, room 419
Phone: 67220800, 22335533

About us

Driving School Alliance “Credo Autoprieks” was founded by the merger of two driving schools – “Credo” and “Autoprieks” with the aim of establishing the first Drivers’ University in Latvia. The company has more than 15 year experience in the area. Driver’s license in “Credo Autoprieks” can be obtained for 10 different categories (A, B, BE, C, CE, D, DE, 95, ADR and Tractor machinery).

The Drivers’ University “Credo Autoprieks” – as the largest educational institution of the area – has 19 branches throughout Latvia, bringing together more than 40 learning groups every month and employing more than 70 professional driving instructors, with more than 5000 successful graduates every year.

The Drivers’ University “Credo Autoprieks” trains knowledgeable, intelligent and professional drivers, thus enhancing safety of the roads. “Credo Autoprieks” stands out with high quality, contemporary education, with graduates confident in their skills, excellent technical base and highly qualified teachers and instructors.