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The drivers University

Training categories

B category in Riga (in Raiņa bulvārī 25 only)

  • There is no any hidden fees in Credo Autoprieks driving school.
  • There are 30 questions in Theoretical Test.
  • By signing a contract with a driving school, you can training for 1 year with no extra costs.
Theoretical courses Price
Registration in Driving School 187.20 EUR
DocumentsPreparation and Registration
Driving School’s theoretical test
Driving School’s practical (driving) test
All Course Materials
CSDD services
1 academical driving hour 14.00 EUR
1 Aid Medical courses 30.00 EUR + translator (extra pay)
Medical Certification 22.00 EUR

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About us

Driving School Alliance “Credo Autoprieks” was founded by the merger of two driving schools – “Credo” and “Autoprieks” with the aim of establishing the first Drivers’ University in Latvia. The company has more than 15 year experience in the area. Driver’s license in “Credo Autoprieks” can be obtained for 10 different categories (A, B, BE, C, CE, D, DE, 95, ADR and Tractor machinery).

The Drivers’ University “Credo Autoprieks” – as the largest educational institution of the area – has 19 branches throughout Latvia, bringing together more than 40 learning groups every month and employing more than 70 professional driving instructors, with more than 5000 successful graduates every year.

The Drivers’ University “Credo Autoprieks” trains knowledgeable, intelligent and professional drivers, thus enhancing safety of the roads. “Credo Autoprieks” stands out with high quality, contemporary education, with graduates confident in their skills, excellent technical base and highly qualified teachers and instructors.

Mission of the Drivers’ University “Credo Autoprieks”:

To offer top quality training, available to everyone; allowing the graduates to feel absolute confidence while driving.

Facts about the Drivers University Credo | Autoprieks

Our four key values:

  • Accessibility. We are doing everything we can for everyone to be able to find the time and place for studies that suit him or her the best.
  • Individual approach. We strive to create environment that favours learning, based on trust, respect and responsiveness. We are doing everything in our power for everyone to be able to find the most likeable learning vehicle.
  • High quality standards. Our teaching methods are aimed at top quality and fast mastering of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Social responsibility. We support and organize events aimed at improvement of traffic safety.

Credo | Autoprieks advantages


wide choice of cars, including identical cars at CSDD examination.

Credo | Autoprieks advantages


focused on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills highest quality and fast
learning – you save both money and time!

Credo | Autoprieks advantages


Learn without stress and among friends!

Credo | Autoprieks advantages


Pass the exams at first go!

Credo | Autoprieks advantages


choose the most convenient place, time and come!

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